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Sliding Bearing Types, Characteristics and Applications

2013-8-28      View:
A. Bearing brief description

Bearings are components which used to support shaft and bearing load.

According to the load capacity, Sliding bearing can be divided into:

Radial bearing: bear radial load
Thrust bearing: bear axial load
Radial thrust bearing: can bear radial and axial loads at the same time
According to the bearing's friction properties in working:
Sliding bearing ( sliding friction bearing )
Rolling bearings ( rolling friction bearing )
B. Sliding bearing type
According to the working surface lubrication state:
Liquid lubricating sliding bearing: there is a layer of oil fim separats the shaft from the bearing.
Incomplete liquid lubricating sliding bearing : there hace oil film, but not enough to separate the sliding surface completely.
No lubrication sliding bearing: do not add lubricating agent.
For liquid lubricating sliding bearing, the oil film formation can be divided into dynamic pressure oil film and static pressure oil film. The oil film has the effects of buffering, vibration absorption, and supporting high precision, with low noise.
C. Sliding bearing's characteristic and application
1, the bearing requires particular high working speed
2, it requires the bearing shaft position particularly accurate, high rotation precision.
3, it belongs to special heavy bearing
4, the sliding bearing can bear huge impact and vibration
5, according to the assembly requirements, the bearing must be made into a split type
6, required bearing space size is small
7, it can work under some special working conditions: like water, mud, corrosive medium and so on