DU oilless dry bushing

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DU Composite slide Bearing, automobile seating bushing

What is DU composite bearing?

Composite dry sliding bearings are primarily used for bearing arrangements where heavy loads have to be supported and where rotational or oscillating movements are relatively slow.

Where to use DU composite bearing?

  • Because of their good sliding properties and compact design, these plain bearings are particularly suitable for bearing arrangements where:
  • Maintenance-free operation is a prerequisite
  • There is a risk of lubricant starvation
  • Lubricants cannot be used or are forbidden
  • Space is limited.


Why choose du composite bearing?

  • Maintenance-free operation
  • No lubrication required (PTFE composite)
  • Initial lubrication required (POM composite)
  • Minimum wall thickness, minimum space requirements
  • Accommodation of heavy loads
  • Wide range of temperatures
  • Good sliding properties
  • Virtually no stick-slip
  • High wear resistance
  • Less sensitive to edge loading (POM composite)
  • No machining required.


Which other bearings we can supply to you:

Our sliding bearings including:


 SF-1(du) oilless bearing bushing (PTFE Composite)

 SF-2(dx) slide bearing bushing (POM Composite)

 FB090(FB090G) bronze bushing

 FB092 bronze bushing

 JDB,JFB solid graphite lubricating bushing

 JF bi-metal bushing

 FU sintered bronze or iron bushing

 FZ POM/Al/Cu ball cage retainer

 FR metal mesh+PTFE Soft strips

 JGB Graphite bearings

Which sizes bearings we can offer you?

The standard range of composite plain bearings is very comprehensive and covers almost every standard size. This range comprises straight and flanged bushings, thrust washers and strips.

DU Compsoite bearing standard sizes list for your reference


General introduction of us

We are a professional manufactuer on various kind of bearings in China for over 14 years already.

With updated machinery and skilled staffs we have supplied stable high quality products to customers all over the world.

Our experianced engineers and exporting team can answer your inquiry or comment at the first time,and providing professional service from factory visiting, making orders to deliver goods.

RIght now, we have over 100 skilled staff and different kinds of machines including automatic production lines,later machine,milling machine,CNC machine etc.


This picture showing our staff structure and basic machines list

This picture showing updated sintering machine and skilled workers in production

Our workshops are welcome you visiting:

This is our workshops buliding

We are using full new high quality raw materials only.

This is the bronze powder-steel backing sintereing line

This is a full automatic chamfering machine


Detail packing steps:

1.Clean bearings in anti-rust oil
2.Plastic films packing bearings to rollers
3.Bearings rollers put into plastic bag
4.Cartons with goods information label
5.Pallet for every 12ctns/24ctns/36ctns

Our packings are suitable for FCL or LCL sea shipping.

MOQ:1pc or 100pcs or 1000pcs(Different model and size have different requirement)

Delivery: you can choose different delivery ways for different qty orders.

Our quality management:

We will make inter inspection on every step of production.

Also you can order inspection company monitoring our production in our workshops.

1.ISO/TS 16949 Production Quality Management Certification

2.We will make measure guages calibration every 6 months

3.Record of calibration in certified lab

4.Certificate of lab 

Typical sizes:

SF-1 DU 1008 1010 1015
SF-1 DU 1210 1210 1215
SF-1 DU 1410 1415 1420
SF-1 DU 1510 1515 1520 1525
SF-1 DU 2010 2015 2020 2025
SF-1 DU 3010 3015 3020 3025 3030 3035 3040
SF-1 DU 3510 3515 3520 3520 3525 3530 3540
SF-1 DU 4020 4025 4030 4035 4040 4045 4050
SF-1 DU 4530 4535 4535 4540 4545 4550 4555
SF-1 DU 5030 5035 5040 5045 5050 5055 5060
SF-1 DU 5530 5535 5540 5545 5550 5555 5560
SF-1 DU 6030 6035 6040 6045 6050 6055 6060 6065 6070
SF-1 DU 6530 6535 6540 6545 6550 6555 6560 6565 6570
SF-1 DU 7040 7045 7050 7055 7060 7065 7070 7075 7080

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