PFC self lubricating synthetic fiber reinforced polyester resin composite bushing bearings

Maintenance-free plastic bearings fiber-sell-lubricating-bushingPFC PFC-4 PFC-20 elf lubricating synthetic fiber reinforced polyester resin composite bushing bearings

Reinforcements in the form of fibres, fabric, whiskers, or particles are embedded in the matrix to produce the composite. They are usually stronger and stiffer than the matrix and provide the primary load-carrying capability of the composite. DE Composite materials possess excellent wear resistance, high specific strength, good dimensional stability, durability and long-term resistance to severe chemical environments.

The additions of solid friction modifiers such as PTFE and graphite enhance the wear properties and life of the materials, enabling them to be operated at higher speeds and loads.

Typical usage:

  • Hydraulic cylinder, sliding bearing, bushes and thrust plates
  • Iron and steel industry, agricultural equipment, wear rings, pump bearing, heavy transport
  • Wear rings, material handling, food processing, automotive, off shore
  • Marine, petroleum and chemical plant, railway, agriculture, hydraulics


Auto Shift Gear Box Transmission JF-20 SAE-783 AlSn20Cu + Steel Bimetal Bushing Bearing

AL-Sn Alloy Gear-box bimetal bushing Bearing

AlSn20Cu Steel Bimetal Bushing
SAE-783 GLYCO 74 JIS-AJL AlSn20Cu Steel Bimetal Bushing

Size: 44.3×47.5×12.1mm

Other sizes:



Material:  Steel backing + Aluminum Alloy Layer : AlSn20Cu, SAE-783, Glyco74, JIS-AJL