LuBo #500 Self-lubricating Bearings

LUBO is professional maker of #500 self lubricating bearing.They have very good market share for self lubricating bearing

lubo #500 SP bearing
lubo #500 SP bearing


Detailed Description:

  • LuBo #500 Series Self-lubricating Bearings can be utilized where heavy loads must be supported at low to medium speeds.
  • Bearings have high mechanical strength with excellent wear resistance and self-lubrication properties exhibiting stable performance and durability under severe operating conditions.
  • No form of supplementary lubrication is required. A film of solid lubricant is transferred to the shaft as it starts to run.
  • In operation, both surfaces burnish quickly and result in a highly polished bearing surface capable of withstanding extreme pressure

LuBo #500 Series Materials

  • Normally, copper alloy is used as the base material for LuBo #500 series bearings by centrifugal or sand casting. Other materials such as cast iron, stainless steel and even tool steels could be used according to the applications involving extreme temperatures, environments corrosive to bronze, and loads exceeding the compression strength of bronze.

Bearing Materials

Code #500SP #500B #500F #500S #500AL #500SPX #500HCA
Base Metal Copper Alloy (High Strength) Bronze (Red Brass) Cast Iron Stainless Steel Aluminum Bronze Special Alloy Special Alloy
Application General Use High Load Under Water General Use Medium Speed High Temp. +400°C (+725°F) Chemical Resistance High Temp +600°C (1,100°F) Sea water Higher Loads than #500SP Higher Loads than #500SPX

NOTE : When used for high strength bearings, alloys LuBo #500SP, #500SPX and #500HCA equal hardened shafts.

Characteristics for Proper Material Selection 

Selection of the proper bearing material is essential to obtaining both long bearing life and maintenance free operation. Please consult the following charts of operating conditions, mechanical and physical properties, and chemical resistance when selecting the bearing material for your specific application. Please consult LuBo’s application engineers for other available metals.(For extreme high load and harsh environment.)

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Leaded or Nickel Gun metal Bush

Leaded Gun Metal:

LG2-C = CuSn5Zn5Pb5-C = C83600 = SAE40

Nickel Gun Metal :

G3 =CuSn7Ni5Zn3 = B292-56

gun metal bush
gun metal bush

Gun Metal Bush is a standard item of our company.We manufacture wide range of Gun Metal Bushes. from premium quality alloy constituents, this range has been availed to the customers at the most comprehensive prices. Available in various shapes and dimensions based on your requirement.

  • Material of Leaded Gun metal

Copper : 85%
Zinc : 5%
Tin : 5%
Lead : 5%

  • Applications of gun metal bushing:

Diesel engines
Centrifugal pumps
hydraulic press machine
Other industries

Gun metal bush with oil grooves

Gun metal bush with graphited plugged

Cylinder gun metal bushes

Flanged gun metal bushing

Gunmetal Thrust washers

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Guided Ejector Bushing for Mold Tools

Guided Ejector Bushings are made of steel or bronze with solid lubrication graphite or wihtout solid lubrication graphite.

mold components
mold components

Guided Ejector Pin and Bushing

Guided Ejector Bushings

Function: The function of the Guided Ejector System (Pin and Bushing) is to take the pressure off the Return Pins, Ejector Pins and the Sprue Puller Pins. If the mold is set to run with the Ejector system actuation in the horizontal position (typical), the ejector sub assembly is cantilevered, and thus will put stress on the return, sprue and ejector pins. The Guided Ejector System will reduce if not eliminate these stresses.

The Guide bushing is located between the Ejector and Ejector Retainer Plates, and the Guide Pin is placed either in either:

1. The bottom of the Ejector Housing, or

2. In the Support Plate. In either case the Pin resides in the open space of the ejector housing

Guided Ejector Bushings come in a variety of industry standard sizes. If a standard size won’t work for your application,please kindly let us know, we can make the bushing as customized.


Bimetal Front Axle Bushing for Perkins

We make front axle bush for PERKINS.

bimetal bushing
bimetal bushing

Bimetal bushing bearing




This Front Axle Bush is for PERKINS. It is bi-metal bushing, resist against tiredness.

We can produce different bushings for the connecting rod clevel, rocker, gear case, cranking motor, trig chasis, and motor gear case ,redirector, hydraulic pressure oil pump, engineer machine, and so on.

Our factory can make Production to customers’ drawings, samples and brands is available. Licensed with ISO/TS16949 international quality system and the right of self-management on export, our products have distinguished themselves in international market, such as the U.S. , Germany, Japan, South Korea, Middle East, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia, more than 30 countries and regions.

A distinctive global sales network has been founded up.We’re looking forward to finding more long-term partners. If you’re interested, please contact with us TODAY!



About Glacier Bush

Glacier bush is a high performance bearing material. This type bush is invented by Glacier Garlock Bearings and soon become more and more popular and widely used in all kinds of industries all over the world.

SF-1 bushing for gear pump
SF-1 bushing for gear pump

Glacier Bushing

Now when people talk about Glacier bearing, it standard for many types of bushing including DU Bushing, DX Bushing, Lead free Bushes, bimetal bearing and so on

After that, more and more factories all over the world start to make the similar performance bearing material as Glacier Bush. Our company, PVB Bearing can manufacturer DU bush, DX bearing, bimetal bush, wrapped bronze bush, oilless bearing(JDB series) and other customized self lubricating with the same performance as Glacier Bush.

PTFE POM composite bushing
PTFE POM composite bushing

If you have any demand of Glacier bushing, please contact us or send your inquiry to, we will give you answer within 12 hours.