How to install a Slide Bearing Bushing?

Before installation, you need prepare the install tools, normally it is done by a hydraulic press machine with a solid flange steel arbor in little smaller than bushing bore size.Also you can design the arbor combined with different sizes step.Below picture will show the arbor tools and install ways for cylinder bushings and flange bushings:

install slide bearing bushing
install bronze bushing
If the installation of the bushing is not done properly or the quality-testing methods fall short, a variety of problems can arise.There are three important factors for proper bushing installation.By following the installation tips outlined below and ensuring the proper quality checks have been performed, your bearings should work well from the point of installation.
First, you should use an arbor press to press-fit the bushings. This is the most efficient installation method and will preserve the integrity of the bushing. For example, if you use a hammer, the installation of the bushing might be uneven.
Next, ensure the housing has a chamfer, recommends 25-30 degrees,and that it is press-fit with the outside chamfer of the bushing against the housing chamfer (All of our bushings have chamfer on both sides and ends ).
Finally, ensure your ID-after-press-fit matches your supplier’s recommended tolerances for the bushing. All measurement testing should be conducted after the bushing is press-fit into the housing.


RTW Machined Steel Cylinder Track Rail Wheel

Machined steel track cylinder wheels

furnace wheel
furnace wheel

Material: Carbon steel #45+Bearing

Bearing: ball bearing without seal

Finish: Heat Harden

Applications: Industry drying oven, Production transmit line, Small railway truck, etc.

machined wheel
machined wheel
Model d D Lt Bearing Loading Capacity
RTW15SC 15 70 26 6004 x1 300kgs/660lbs
RTW20SC 20 75 27 6005 x1 350kgs/770lbs
RTW25SC 25 80 28 6006 x1 400kgs/880lbs
RTW30SC 30 90 30 6007 x1 450kgs/1000lbs


CTW Machined Single Flanged Steel Track Wheel

Machined steel track wheels

steel track  wheel
steel track wheel

Material: Carbon steel #45+Bearing or Harden steel GCr15(SUJ2)

Bearing: None bearing with greased, Needle Roller Bearing or Bronze Bushing with oil greased

Finish: Heat Harden or Painted

Applications: Industry drying oven, Production transmit line, Small railway truck, etc.

flange track wheel
flange track wheel
Model d Lt D fD Rt Wt (3) Bearing Max. Speed Load Capacity@max speed
CTW12SF-N 12 55 125 150 38 50 No HK1214 x2 4000rpm 650kgs/1400lbs
CTW15SF-N 15 55 125 150 38 50 No HK1514 x2 3000rpm 780kgs/1700lbs
CTW20SF-N 20 55 150 175 38 50 No HK2014 x2 2500rpm 860kgs/1900lbs
CTW25SF-N 25 80 200 225 57 75 No HK2514 x2 1900rpm 1100kgs/2400lbs
CTW30SF-B 30 60 125 150 38 50 Yes FB092H303455 1200rpm 260kgs/570lbs
CTW40SF-B 40 60 125 150 38 50 Yes FB092H404455 950rpm 340kgs/750lbs
CTW45SF-B 45 60 125 150 38 50 Yes FB092H455055 850rpm 380kgs/830lbs
CTW50SF-B 50 70 125 150 38 50 Yes FB092H505555 750rpm 500kgs/1100lbs
CTW25DF-S 25 80 150 180 50 75 No Oilless 253580 350rpm 1500kgs/3300lbs
CTW30DF-S 30 80 200 230 50 75 No Oilless 303880 300rpm 1800kgs/3900lbs
CTW35DF-S 35 110 200 230 65 100 No Oilless 3545110 250rpm 2100kgs/4600lbs


What is oil sintered bearing made by powder metallurgy?


PM Powder metallurgy oil sintered bronze / iron bearing and parts

oil sintered bearing
oil sintered bearing

Made of porous material and pore of sliding bearing with embellish lubricating oil storage.Porous material and the thermal expansion coefficient of lubricating oil is different, so the work of oil from the holes of sintered bearing surface embedded in the bearing gap is in conflict, suspend work oil temperature drop again sucked back into the pore.

Oil sintered bearing with low cost and can absorb vibration, low noise, the oil sintered bearing characteristics such as long working hours don’t need to add lubricant, especially suitable for not easy lubrication or do not allow oil dirt work environment.

Porosity is one of the main parameters of oil bearing.Work under high speed, light load of oil bearing pleaded with oil content, high porosity should be;In low speed and load the oil sintered bearing work under the big oil bearing pleaded with high strength, low porosity.


How to prevent slide bearing got rust?

Some ways for slide bearings anti-rust treatment

Many multi-layers slide bearings are made from carbon steel backing, like DU bushing, SF-1 bushing, DX bushing, SF-2 bushing, JF-800 bimetal bushing bearing. As you know carbon steel is easy rust if without properly treatment.The following is a bearing engineer for multi-layers bearings rust prevention methods:


tin plated DU bushing
tin plated DU bushing
  • Zinc plating: normally applied for DU bushing, with better anti-rust performance than Tin plating
Zinc plated DU bushing
Zinc plated DU bushing

Surface cleaning:

  1. Surface cleaning: cleaning must be rust in accordance with the nature of the surface and the conditions, select the appropriate method.There are usually used solvent cleaning, chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning.Dry surface clean filter dry compressed air blow dry, or in 120 ~ 170 ℃ dryer for drying, also can use clean cloth to wipe dry.
  2. Second, the method of coating anticorrosive oil:
    a) soaking method: some small items by soaking in antirust oil, make its surface adhesion on a layer of anti-rust oil.The temperature of the oil film thickness can be controlled by anti-rust oil or viscosity to achieve.
    b) brush method used for soaking or spraying outdoor construction equipment or not apply special shaped products, brush should not only pay attention to not build up, also should pay attention to prevent leakage.
    c)spray a few large rust cannot be oiled by soaking method, approximately 0.7 Mpa pressure filter is commonly used in compressed air for spraying in clean air.Spray method used solvent XiShiXing rust-proof oil or thin layer of anti-rust oil, but must use perfect fire protection and labor protection measures.

Bronze plated SF-2 dx bushing
Bronze plated SF-2 dx bushing